Evanovich vs. Patterson

I found an article on the Forbes website naming the world’s richest wordsmiths and how much they earn per page. The article was written by Natalie Robehmed, a Forbes staff person who covers media and entertainment.

I was happy to see two of my favorite authors on the list. My favorite author is Janet Evanovich and she appeared as number six. The article reported her 2015 earnings at $21 million, or $33,000 per page. James Patterson’s past 12 month’s earnings are reported to be $89 million, or $13,000 per page. It was also reported that Patterson put out 18 books in that period with the help of 12-plus coauthors. How do I get on that list? Maybe I could get him up to 20 books in a 12 month period.

It’s funny, I’ve always thought that Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books, and Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club books were similar, and I’ve always referred to Patterson as the male Evanovich when it came to writing. Now, that I’m looking at the income difference between the two, perhaps I should be giving Patterson more credit, and Evanovich should be referred to as the female Patterson. In any case, kudos to these two authors for their accomplishments.

Forbes article link: http://www.forbes.com/sites/natalierobehmed/2015/07/29/the-worlds-top-earning-authors-what-they-earn-per-page/

Who’s your pick?

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Door County – Salmon Fishing

It’s that time of year again – the Door/Kewaunee Salmon Tournament.  All non-fishing life stops in the Clarizio house during this 10 day tournament; fishing is on the brain morning, noon, and night.  Though we’re not catching any tournament winners we are capturing some beautiful views including sunrises, sunsets, and even a double rainbow.  Yes, it rained on our parade at one point but as they say, “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work, anytime.”

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New Release – Blind Love by Kishan Paul – Guest Post & Giveaway!

Blind love

Blind love 2

Title: Blind Love

Author: Kishan Paul

Release Date: June 2, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

She doesn’t need a hero. But a sexy Marine…that’ll work.

At twenty nine, psychologist Lauren Baxter has a successful counseling practice. Since becoming legally blind at fifteen, her world has been a blurry mess of colors. Her greatest fear is also her ultimate reality. One day that fuzzy realm will forever turn black. Refusing to let blindness define her, she builds a life for herself with her dog, Jack Sparrow, and best friend, Sunny Daye.

Lauren has no tolerance for pity or for Superman swooshing down and rescuing her. She is capable of saving herself just fine. That is until Gabe, the great smelling, former Marine, from Texas moves in next door. Her attraction to him is immediate and, unfortunately for her, mutual.

When Lauren’s ex-husband shows up begging for another chance, she is confused and fragile. She also finds herself in the arms of her secretive neighbor. Little does she realize that her decision for a steamy roll in the hay with Gabe will suck her into his mysterious past, thrust her ex-husband back into her life, put her in the middle of a murder investigation, and place her life in danger.

Gabriel Briggs has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Short term flings are all he can afford for more reasons than one – reasons he never plans to share. Until he moves in next door to the beautiful, green eyed, feisty, Lauren. One night with her and he’s reconsidering promises he made almost a decade ago. When a woman from his past is murdered, his world is turned upside down. Secrets are revealed and innocent lives are threatened. Can Gabe win Lauren’s love and save her life before it’s too late?

Product Warnings: Contains a blind therapist who doesn’t consider herself impaired; a meddling, erotic-novel-writing best friend; a hot ex-Marine with a shady past; and a loyal guide dog that howls “I love you” and is probably the sanest one of the bunch.

Add the book on Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1LDxXNx

Guest Post

What was the most difficult thing that you wrote about and how did you get through it?

There are two scenes in Blind Love. One, I can’t say what it is because it’s so important to the story. But I cried. I mean tears streaming down my face, wiping on my sleeve because I didn’t want to get up and go looking for the Kleenex in the middle of it kind of scene.

The other is one with Gabe and little boy, Evan. It was another tear jerker for me because I got caught up in the way both Gabe and Evan felt.

For me, when there’s a painful scene in my stories, I have to heal with my characters—if that makes sense. I need to see that they’re okay before my heart can stop aching. So those painful scenes are the ones where I’m lost to the world until my characters are in better places.

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Gabe stayed on his knees with the kid wrapped around his neck. The two men stared each other down.

“Hey, there. My name’s Lauren. I’m your neighbor. What’s your name?”

“Evan.” His voice came out muffled from having his nose pressed into Gabe’s shoulder.

“Hi, Evan. This big dog beside me is Jack Sparrow. We call him Jack.”

The dog wagged his tail and licked Lauren’s face. “Jack, say ‘I love you’.”

Both of Gabe’s hands were where visible, but Ben stayed on alert.

When the dog yodeled his response, Evan turned his head. The kid’s eyes doubled in size.

Lauren smiled. “Dogs can’t talk, right? And they can’t. But sometimes they can make noises that sound like they’re talking. And Jack’s a special dog. He’s trained to smell when people need help. Like me. I need his help a lot because I’m blind.”

“You are?” Now Evan had turned completely around and peered into her face.

“Yup, I am. Jack’s my guide dog. He helps me get places and do things.”


Both Evan and Gabe gazed at Lauren with looks of awe on their faces.

She smiled and kissed the dog’s neck. “He is wow. But what makes him even more wower is he can tell you’re a little scared and he wants to help you.”

“He does?”

“Yup. What he wants to do is to give you a kiss and let you hug him so you’ll feel better. I do it all the time with him when I’m scared. If you’re okay with trying, why don’t you give him your hand and see if it helps?”

“Gabe?” Evan said, still glued to his dad.

“It’s okay, Sprout, he won’t hurt you,” Gabe whispered.

The kid reached out his palm. Jack put his paw on it and panted.

“He wants me to shake his hand,” Evan announced, giving the furry foot a shake.

When Jack licked his cheek, instead of screaming, he laughed.

Acid burned in the pit of Ben’s stomach, from the way the man was eyeing Lauren.

“Thank you. For everything,” he said to her.

Lauren’s smile faded. “I didn’t do it for you.”

“I know.”

Ben cleared his throat but said nothing. She nodded. “Well, I better get back inside. Jack, you coming?”

The dog whined back his answer.

“He seems to want to hang out with your son.”

Gabe had yet to blink much less look away. “It’s mutual. Would you mind if they played together for a little while?”

Lauren bit her lip and Ben prayed she’d say no. “You wouldn’t hurt him would you?”

“Do you think I would?”

She shrugged. “You’re obviously capable of a lot more than I realized but no, I don’t think you will.” She got up from her spot. “He’ll come home when he’s ready to, or send him over when you guys are done, whichever happens first.”

Where to buy:

Publisher: https://www.samhainpublishing.com/book/5449/blind-love

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1JQAu8M

Barnes & Noble http://bit.ly/1PVz8xC

Blind Love Trailer: http://bit.ly/1JQAVju

Reviews for Blind Love

“I absolutely fell in love with this story and quite honestly didn’t want to put it down or for it to end.”

Bobbi of Bobbi’s Blog

“Lauren is both strong and vulnerable, and much the same could be said for Gabe. You have two people battling their own personal demons, lots of emotional baggage and an undeniable (and strong) mutual attraction that keeps pulling them together…Humorous banter, believable chemistry and a strong cast of supporting characters are just some of the things that make this book difficult to put down.”

Nessie Strange author of Living Dead World series

I love, love, loved this story. I am a huge fan of contemporary romance, and this was perfect. One minute I was crying, the next laughing…The story is very well written, the characters are well developed,…a must read for any romance lover. There is a little suspense, and you’ll want to keep some tissues near-by…Fans of Susan Mallery, Robyn Carr, Jennifer Bernard, and Jill Shalvis will love this novel.”

Nicole of Books and Pearls.com

Blind love 3

About the Author

BL 5

From daring escapes by tough women to chivalrous men swooping in to save the day, the creativity switch to Kishan Paul’s brain is always in the “on” position. If daydreaming stories were a college course, Kish would have graduated with honors.

Mother of two beautiful children, she has been married to her best friend for over seventeen years. With the help of supportive family and friends, she balances her family, a thriving counseling practice, and writing without sinking into insanity.

Her novella, Taking the Plunge, is currently available in the Love Least Expected Anthology on Amazon.

She can be found at:

Website: http://kishanpaulauthor.net

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KishanPaulAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@kishan_paul

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kishanpaul

TSU: https://www.tsu.co/kishanpaul

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1JQBudd

Sign up for her newsletter at: http://mad.ly/signups/119110/join


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Author Event at the von Stiehl Winery

Here are some pictures of the author event we had at the von Stiehl Winery in Algoma, WI.  We had 9 participating Wisconsin Authors.  Each author paired their book with a wonderful von Stiehl wine and then read an excerpt from their book.  It was such a nice event.

2015 VS 11

I paired up with the White Stiletto wine (recently renamed: Symmetry). Description – The fresh, bountiful aroma of apricot and honey gets right to the point. This wine can be enjoyed with grilled foods, lighter fare, and delicate cheeses or perhaps one of my favorites grilled or broiled lobster tails with drawn butter.


If you are a wine lover you should check out von Stiehl’s wines: http://vonstiehl.com/

2015 VX 3 2015 VS 9 2015 VS 8 2015 VS 7



Blog Tour & Rafflecopter Giveaway!

I’m on tour with Crazed Reckoning, a Nick Spinelli Mystery until May 15th.  Crazed Reckoning is the third novella in the Nick Spinelli romance mystery series.

Check out the “BLOG TOUR'” page for the tour host schedule where you will find excerpts and teasers from Crazed Reckoning.



After experiencing a murderous Christmas and Valentine’s Day with love interest Shannon O’Hara, Detective Nick Spinelli assumed Saint Patrick’s Day couldn’t be any worse.

He was wrong.

While out on a geocaching adventure in Door County, Shannon and her friend Anna find more than a clue in the cache box. When Shannon disappears, Spinelli is sent racing to find her. Amidst the chaos of an unruly Irish celebration, and a decades-old Irish family feud, he must rescue her from the hands of a madman.

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