News! Upcoming Releases & WIPs

Family Forever – Novel #1 in the Jacobs Brother Series – New Adult Contemporary Romance:

Since the death of his parents at 22, Dylan Jacobs has been caring for his five younger brothers. To add to his stress, he’s also responsible for managing the family dairy farm.

After a couple years running himself ragged, Dylan hires the 18 year-old neighbor as a live-in nanny/housekeeper. Marissa falls in love with him, and he feels the same for her. But he’s been down this road before, and has had his heart broken by women unable to handle the responsibility that comes along with a large ready-made family.

As Dylan’s affections grow for Marissa, it becomes impossible to dismiss them, and he fears she will someday leave for a more exciting life than he can offer, and break the hearts of his brothers.  Will Marissa be able to prove to Dylan that her love for him and his brothers is the true ‘happily ever after’ kind?


I am currently seeking agent representation for my current WIP’s and future novels.


Pandemonium on the Peninsula – Short story for BEACH boxed set scheduled for release in June of 2016 – Contemporary romance


Park ranger Talia Johnson is living her dream job, but it doesn’t come without sacrifices.  The same goes for Deputy Ryan Larson. Both are unwilling to acknowledge the attraction that flares between them whenever their together until a disastrous fireworks explosion on the fourth of July forces them to put aside their differences and work together during the chaos. When Talia’s life is endangered, Ryan is determined to save her. But will her stubbornness prevent him from helping her before it’s too late?

4 responses to “News! Upcoming Releases & WIPs

  1. Those releases will coincide with my summer vacation. Woohoo.

  2. I just finished reading Family Forever. What a wonderful story. You can feel the love that all the brothers share and bask in it. I can’t wait to read about the growth of all of the boys. They will do well with Dylan’s guidance and Marissa’s love.

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