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Chew your way to creativity!

AUTHORS – Do you want to be more creative?  If you answered “yes” then pull out the Bubblicious, BubbleYum,  Hubba Bubba, etc.  Whatever kind of bubblegum tickles your fancy.Bubble%20Yum%20Puffy%20Decal[1]

On more than one occasion I’ve read that if you want to retain more information or be more creative you should chew gum.  Supposedly, chewing increases the blood and oxygen flow to the brain, activating its memory centers, and just plain provides for a healthier brain.  A healthy brain is a happy brain, and thrives on activity.

I have to ask…Why is it that all the articles I find in regard to chewing being good for the brain only include chewing gum?  If chewing is what is good for the brain, then why don’t the articles say “chew on a chocolate bar to increase your brain health?”   Chewing is chewing, right?

Would you rather this:




…..or this? chocolate

Really, it’s a no-brainer, plus if you stick to a dark chocolate bar you reap the benefits of its flavonoids which are anti-oxidant compounds.  I’ve read articles that say flavonoids have a positive influence in lowering blood pressure, reducing blood clotting and improving blood flow to the heart and brain.  That said, I say eat a dark chocolate bar while writing your next novel, it should increase your creativity.