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Nick Spinelli’s Favorite Movies

A while back, a blogger asked my fictional hero, Nick Spinelli, to disclose his top five movie list.  After some consideration, Nick came up with the following list:

1.  Dirty Harry

2.  Lethal Weapon

3.  Tombstone

4.  Die Hard

5. The Holiday – Okay, maybe this movie is his Sweetheart’s favorite movie but Spinelli watches it over and over with her just to make her happy.

Due to the unpleasant weather today, Nick is considering staying indoors with his Honey for a fun-filled movie afternoon…and who knows what else may transpire ***wink wink***.  He’s perusing his movie library as we speak.

Question of the Day:  MC900434859[1]

If Spinelli hadn’t given consideration to his Sweetheart’s favorite movie, what movie do you think he would have included on his list of top five movies?  Any particular reason why you chose that movie?

Winter Nights Scavenger Hunt


Don’t let the winter blues get you down, rather, get up, go outside and embrace the season! Do some snowshoeing, sledding, perhaps some ice fishing, and maybe even some snowmobiling. I prefer the latter, gearing up and hitting the trails with the hubby and friends. Nothing wakes a person up more than the refreshing ten degree air seeping up into ones helmet.

When your nose is froze and your fingers start to tingle from the cold, go in doors, make yourself a mug of hot chocolate, enter a couple of internet scavenger hunts to win some awesome prizes, settle in for the night, and curl those now thawing fingers around a good book.

So here’s how the Scavenge works…

  1. Below are the 5 items. Those photos are placed on 5 random blogs that have taken part in this event.
  2. Click on the blogs listed below and see if one of the 5 images is in that blog’s post.
  3. If you find an image, write down the name of the blog because you will need it for the grand prize.
  4. Find all 5 items and go back to the Grand Prize giveaway rafflecopter (found here Gliterary Girl), enter the names of the blogs where the pictures were posted and get 10 extra entries.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Good luck and thanks so much for participating!

Along with the GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY that Gliterary Girl is giving away, I am also holding a giveaway of my own!  Leave a comment below letting me know your favorite winter activity and you will be entered into a drawing to win an ecopy of Craving Vengeance, a Nick Spinelli Mystery.  The winner will be chosen via

This is the link to the main giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Scavenger Items

◦                             Cute White Puppy in a Cup

◦                             Leaves with the word LOVE cut into them

◦                             Dish of Colorful Candies

◦                             A Pencil with a note that says “You Make My Heart Glow

◦                             Heart shaped pocket watch hanging in the trees.


Gliterary Girl 

Click on the blue smiley face below to find the links to the participating blogs where you will find the scavenger items!

My version of Sneak Peek Sunday – The Romantic Life of a Romance Writer

I am often asked…

What is the typical day for a romance writer?

Well, my typical day varies depending on the day of the week.  Since it is Sunday, I’ll tell you about my typical Sunday.  I woke up at 7:30, yep, I slept in.  I spent the first hour or so of my day working on revisions to my next Nick Spinelli novella, Crazed Reckoning, which has been contracted by Melange Books, LLC, and schedule for release in early 2015.  I was just getting into the meat of things when my dear husband and cat decided to roll out of bed.  At this point, the background noise started to serve as a distraction.  Sammie Cat demanded to be fed and she made it clear that I was to be the one to feed her.

Once I got the cat squared away the hubby required some attention.  He started talking to me about things husbands talk about.  At this point I stopped working on the edits and moved to working on my social media tasks.  I figured I could multitask and catch up on Facebook and Twitter as I was talking with the hubby.  It seemed to work for a while.  Shortly thereafter, we ate breakfast.  Every Sunday Rick makes his famous pancake breakfast.  He adds a secret ingredient to his Bisquick mix.  **Val laughs** I know what the secret ingredient is but I let him think I don’t know, and nope, you will not get it out of me, but it’s AWESOME.

Social media took a bit longer today but it was worth the fun.  Following social media came a quick three hour jaunt on the snowmobiles….have to keep the hubby happy.  The trails were great today in Door County.

Once the playing around is done, a typical Sunday usually means a trip to the grocery store and maybe Walmart.  I despise grocery shopping and refuse to do it more than once a week.  We’d better not forget anything because if we do we simply have to live without it for the week.  Once home from the grocery store it takes about 45 minutes to put everything away and process all the vegetables needed for our daily lunches.  Yep, we pack our lunches for work, and yes, you heard correctly, due to Rick’s high fiber, low fat diet, we eat vegetables every day for lunch – bins filled with carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and green pepper slices.  Lunch is supplemented with grapefruit on Monday and Tuesday, and bananas on Wednesday and Thursday.  Hubby works a four day workweek.  I shake things up a bit on Fridays and order out with my co-workers.  It’s what I call “Friday Free Day,” free from the boring low fat diet.  Once the lunch making is done I move onto making dinner and cleaning up the mess.

Sunday evening is spent on miscellaneous things such as working on this post or watching TV or cleaning something.  For tonight’s miscellaneous item my husband asked me to wax his bow.  Okay, get your minds out of the gutter.  I’m talking about his Parker compound hunting bow….I waxed his drawstring and rubbed the wax in really good just as I was instructed, while held it in position for me to do my thing.

There you have it…the details of a romantic day of a romance writer…remember, you asked.  Have I bored you to death?  I’m guessing you won’t ask again. LOL – But wait, there’s more….stay tuned, there are six more eventful days for me share in the future!

Here’s proof I waxed Rick’s bow.  Aren’t his drawstrings nice?