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Big Announcement!

Guess who is trying something new. Me, that’s who.

I’m straying from romantic suspense and contemporary romance and diving head-first into the spectacular world of time travel.  For those of you who really know me, I mean, REALLY know me, you know I don’t stray from the norm very much. First, I’m a Virgo. By nature, Virgos are pretty regimented. Second, I’m a finance director/accountant by day, again a part of my life that keeps me on a disciplined, logical, ordinary path. Yet, here I am, announcing to you that I’m dabbling in the world of time travel.

Time travel – The concept of traveling through time to the past or future. There’s no real supporting logic, yet I’m doing it. Or, should I say Blake and Ariel are doing it. We’ll get into this more in a minute but before that I want to show you the cover. You are the first to see it!

Show of hands…who wants to take this new and exciting trip with me? Get that hand up there! I promise you a great ride into an uncharted world of time travel preservers and protectors, and you’ll get little snippets of romance and history along the way.  You don’t even have to pack a bag for this journey. I’ll take you out of this world and back before you know it.

What’s involved with taking this journey and where do I sign up?

Here’s the what, and where. I’m looking for reviewers for this new adventure. If you like time travel romance with historical elements I invite you to join my review team.  If you are interested please email me at valclarizio@yahoo.com. In your email, let me know the following:

  • Have you reviewed and posted reviews before?
  • What outlets do you post your reviews on (Amazon, ibooks, Goodreads, etc.)
  • Can you read this ARC (electronic) by the middle of March and post a review on or within a couple of days after the official release of the book?
  • Do you promise not to share the electronic ARC with anyone else?

The time travel book I plan to release is entitled Time WARped.  The release is scheduled for the middle of March of 2020.

Here’s a bit about the book.


When Veteran Blake Cornelis visits his great grandfather’s Civil War grave, he is whisked back in time to Gettysburg, where his ancestor was a hero. His mission—to preserve his family’s decorated military record, because his cousin, Evan, is determined to steal the Cornelius heroism for his own family’s ancestry. Fighting Evan is demanding and requires unremitting vigilance. Fortunately, the gods have sent Blake an exquisite guardian angel to help him.

Ariel, a time travel Protector, is tasked on this journey with safeguarding Blake, and she vows to do that—at any cost. But the attractive hero from Wisconsin is unlike others she’s been assigned to protect. The intense attraction between them casts them into deadly peril on the battlefield.

Blake and Ariel are sent into other wartimes, and as secrets unfold they realize they must sacrifice all to conquer his evil cousin, for the Cornelis honor is not all that is at stake. The fate of the American people lies in their hands. But Evan is a formidable foe, determined to achieve his mission, and since he has nothing to lose, he’ll do whatever it takes to succeed—no matter the cost.

Pre-Order Links:

Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/Time-WARped-Preserver-Protector-Novel-ebook/dp/B083HMGLSB

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/time-warped-valerie-j-clarizio/1135967098

iBooks: https://books.apple.com/us/book/time-warped/id1493744849?mt=11&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/time-warped-7

Universal Link:  https://books2read.com/u/bowG1A

I look forward to starting this new adventure with you!

Re-Release – Taken by Surprise

Since receiving the rights back for TAKEN BY SURPRISE, I’ve been working on having the book re-edited and re-covered.  Finally, after months of work, TAKEN BY SURPRISE is once again on the market!

Taken by Surprise Cover - Final


Everyone is shocked when Clare Ulster leaves her rich and handsome fiancé, chucks her well-to-do Milwaukee city life, and moves into her grandparents’ old homestead in the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The quiet small town of Iron City is just what she needs to get her life in order and learn to stand on her own.  No men needed! 

Unfortunately, disaster follows her.  Unable to let her go, her abusive, cheating ex- fiancé finds his way to the U.P. and sets out to make Clare’s life more of a living hell then he’d done in the past.  Additionally, Clare’s alleged involvement with the Fire Chief, aka, town player, lands her in a world of trouble with his ring of female admirers, sending her on a dangerously chaotic adventure including murder and kidnapping.  With Clare’s life in danger, irresistible Police Chief Jack Ricco will do whatever it takes to keep their newest resident safe.

Will Clare and Jack be able to survive the deceptively peaceful Iron City?

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