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TV show – Flashpoint

For those of you who know me, you are probably aware that I love to watch movies and television programs. That said, oddly, several years ago I got so angry about the rising cost of my cable TV bill, I actually canceled cable TV. What an adjustment that was, slapping up an antenna to get three to five channels on a good day. After two years of just watching local channels, and getting movies and TV series DVDs from my library, I decided to spring for Amazon Prime and I love it. One of the things I love most is not having to live by a TV program schedule.  Another thing I absolutely love is binge watching TV series’. Recently, I finished a new-to-me program called the Sopranos. You may have heard of it.

Currently, I’m in season two of FLASHPOINT which aired from 2008 to 2012.


The casting for this show was awesome, especially this guy, Enrico Colantoni:


The look on this guy’s face, and in his eyes, when he’s talking people down is phenomenal. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this Canadian police drama television series I urge you to do so!

Now, do you have any movie or TV series recommendations for me?

It’s Cover Reveal Day! Check out this beautiful cover for MISSING OUT ON LIFE!

This week is cover reveal week for the soon-to-be released books in cycle three of the Chandler County series. MISSING OUT ON LIFE is my second book in the series. Pre-order links coming soon! #romanticsuspense

Missing Out On Life


Meredith Wellington receives a call that her sister has been murdered. Her two young nieces land on her doorstep. An instant family is the last thing she needs as she reaches for the top rung of the corporate ladder.

Jeremiah Crown, aka Coach, lives a simple life managing his family’s Kentucky horse ranch. When a damsel in distress decked out in a suit and spiked heels needs assistance, he’s more than happy to help out. Happier still to realize this corporate powerhouse doesn’t recognize him as the man she’d deemed an enemy in high school twenty years earlier.

Once she realizes Coach’s identity, any chance of a romantic relationship disappears. When Meredith places her nieces low on her priority list, Jeremiah reconsiders his attraction to her. When danger comes calling, Meredith realizes this kindhearted veteran has the skill set to help her, if only she could set aside her pride to ask.

Can two people overcome past misunderstandings in time to thwart approaching danger?

MOL Teaser 3

Last year in May I released MISSING THE CROWN JEWELS which is on sale right now at all major ebook retailers  for just $.99.  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / iBooks / Kobo / Playster


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