Six Sentence Sunday, October 28, 2012, #sixsunday

Here’s another excerpt from Cookies for Santa, scheduled to be released by Melange Books on November 5th.  In this scene, Spinelli is dressed as Santa Claus and is attempting to free Shannon from her kidnappers but things don’t go as planned.


When the bullet struck him, Spinelli felt an odd sensation pass by his abdomen. The impact caused him to shift slightly to the left. He looked down at the right side of his body and noticed a black rimmed hole in the red velvet coat he wore. Confusion filled him. He couldn’t feel pain yet he knew he’d been hit.

Shannon let out a cry and Spinelli’s eyes instantly shifted upwards.


Want to play Six Sentence Sunday?  See this site for information:


13 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday, October 28, 2012, #sixsunday

  1. Very intriguing six! What’s going to happen next. Only two weeks until your readers finds out. Good luck with sales 🙂

  2. Eep! What happens next?!

  3. Hope it’s not a bad wound!

  4. Love it, and love the title too. I might just have to check this one out for Christmas.

  5. Oh my– you really left us hanging. Great six!!

  6. NOOOOOO! Not Spinelli!!!! I definitely have to get this book. Now I want to know what’s happened to him. The problem with snippets is all the stuff that happens in between. Good thing my book budget “rebooted”. 😆

  7. Ah, I could visualize this well, especially the black hole against the red velvet. This bit makes me wish I’d read what came before.

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