Six Sentence Sunday, August 26, 2012 – #sixsunday

Following is another excerpt from my novella, Cookies for Santa.  The story is about a tough homicide detective who has been assigned to help out in the Social Services Department for the holiday season.  He finds himself going undercover as Santa to catch a murderer and to protect his new love interest.

Shannon’s mind drifted away from thoughts of the Clarkson children to Spinelli. She wondered what he was like as a child. She wondered how many times a caseworker pulled his file from a drawer and recommended foster care for him. The events of Spinelli’s life gave her hope for the other children in the system. He made it out of the system and did well for himself. Maybe the Clarkson children will as well.

Want to play Six Sentence Sunday?  See this site for information:


One response to “Six Sentence Sunday, August 26, 2012 – #sixsunday

  1. Very nice characterization, both of Spinelli and of Shannon. Nice six!

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