Partial and full MS requests

When is it appropriate to follow-up with agents who have requested partials or fulls of your manuscript, and how do you address the issue so you don’t annoy them?


8 responses to “Partial and full MS requests

  1. It can take agents forever to get something read, while others respond in a few days. Does it say anywhere on their websites how long to allow? If not, I suggest waiting 6-8 weeks before ‘inquiring as to the status of your project,’ then name your work.

  2. After two or three weeks, there’s nothing wrong with briefly and politely asking if they recieved the requested materials. After all, many such emails end up in spam folders or the vast darkness of the internet void. My agent is fabulous about keeping in touch. She responds with an email when she recieves materials and also gives a projected time-frame of when you can expect to hear back from her. If for some reason she falls behind, she emails so you know what’s going on. Many agents do not. Many are rather “uppity.” Thank God I found Dawn. I mean, if I have a question regarding pov issues or plot development, I email. She responds that day. How many agents do that? She’ll text me weekly to see how I’m doing…how’s the writing going? She has a Yahoo loop for her agency and sends out links to promotion articles or information on what pubs are looking for. She promotes her writers on fb. ( )

    • Vonnie,
      It sounds like you have a good working relationship with your agent. That’s great.

      I understand agents are busy, it’s just that a person gets so excited when they receive a request for their ms that weeks can seem like an eternity.


  3. Hi Val,
    It is hard to say what to do, one doesn’t want to seem too pushy, but on the other hand, waiting to hear is a real killer. I reckon a month to six weeks is reasonable.



  4. I agree with the 2-3 week rule: email to ask if the agent has received the materials, and how long before you can expect a response. I’ve had partials (30 pages) that I haven’t heard about for 8 months! The waiting is excruciating, but that’s the biz, I guess. Good luck!

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