Yes, I know my hair looks crazy but it was windy on the top of Mt Roberts in Juneau Alaska.  I climbed the mountain with my husband in tow…or maybe it was the other way around.


12 responses to “Photo

  1. Yes, it looks as though it must have been windy up there. However, it doesn’t appear that your husband’s hair got too messed up.

  2. Val, I understand crazy hair. I have it myself. How cool to have this picture up. A great remember of a time when you climbed to the top of a mountain.

  3. Hi, this looks great. There’s lots you can do in wordpress. I’m over at
    Good luck! Cute pix…I’ve never been to Alaska.

  4. Nice site! I love the soothing green. Congratulations on a job well done.


  5. I’m late. You already know it’s working.

    Good thing your hair was in a pony tail, or we wouldn’t have seen your face. Smile.

  6. Your page looks great.

  7. Hi, I like the blog and the picture. I’m on wordpress too at Thanks

  8. When were you in Alaska? I was in Juneau just this past June. It’s awesome. We went whale watching. Very fun….
    Cindi Le Roy
    Green Bay

    • Cindi – We were in Alaska last summer. My husband lived in Juneau thirty years ago and he wanted to go back for a visit. We started our trip in Juneau and went to Prudhoe Bay, Fairbanks, Denali, Anchorage and Kodiak Island. We saw a great deal of wildlife and some awesome scenery. It was a great trip, can’t wait to go back.

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